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2003 NFL Fields

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=========================== 2003 Regular Season Fields ============================

Atlanta Falcons 2003

ATL_2003^1 Thumb

Baltimore Ravens 2003

BAL_2003^1 Thumb

Buffalo Bills 2003

BUF_2003^1 Thumb

Carolina Panthers 2003

CAR_2003^1 ThumbCAR_2003^2 Thumb

Denver Broncos 2003

DEN_2003^1 Thumb

Green Bay Packers 2003

GB_2003^1 Thumb

Indianapolis Colts 2003

IND_2003^1 Thumb

Kansas City Chiefs 2003

KC_2003^1 Thumb

New England Patriots 2003

NE_2003^1 Thumb

Philadelphia Eagles 2003

PHI_2003^1 Thumb

Pittsburgh Steelers 2003

PIT_2003^1 Thumb

Seattle Seahawks 2003

SEA_2003^1 Thumb

St. Louis Rams 2003

STL_2003^1 Thumb

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2003

TB_2003^1 Thumb

Tennessee Titans 2003

TEN_2003^1 Thumb

=============================== 2003 Playoff Fields ===============================

Wild Card 2003

IND_2003^wc ThumbGB_2003^wc Thumb

CAR_2003^wc ThumbBAL_2003^wc Thumb

Divisional 2003

KC_2003^div ThumbPHI_2003^div Thumb

NE_2003^div ThumbSTL_2003^div Thumb

Conference Championship 2003

PHI_2003^conf ThumbNE_2003^conf Thumb

============================== Super Bowl XXXVIII ==============================

SB_2003^38 Thumb

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